About Us

Purpose, Mission & Values of Good News Fellowship ~ A Seventh-day Adventist Church

Our Purpose:

To bring glory to God

What is Our Mission?

To share the everlasting good news through meaningful worship; life-affirming fellowship; Bible-based, Christ-centered teaching; and supporting and equipping members for ministry.

What Are Our Core Values?

  1. Our highest priority is to proclaim the good news about who God is as most clearly revealed by Jesus Christ.
  2. We endeavor to model Christ's love, acceptance and forgiveness in our Christian fellowship.
  3. Worship needs to be a positive, heartfelt experience where one can sense the empowering presence of God through prayer, praise, and study of God's Word.
  4. We encourage a believer's personal devotion and study of God's Word.
  5. Every member is a minister and we value the discovery and use of their Spirit-given gifts.
  6. We value a simple presentation of Jesus Christ in creative ways to impact lives.
  7. Success will not be a result of our might or power, but it will be through the working of the Spirit.
  8. When it comes to doctrine, or teaching, the Bible and the Bible alone is our creed.
  9. We value doing our best for God and embracing a growing spirit of excellence.

Good News Fellowship ~ A Seventh-day Adventist Church

2338 Florence Lane, Clarkston WA 99403

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