How to Find US

Good News Fellowship, like that rare gem, is sometimes difficult to find. We're going to try to make it easier for you to come join us this Sabbath.

Here is  a map that will lead you to Good News Fellowship:


And here's directions starting at the Clarkston side of the Blue bridge (downtown) that leads to Lewiston, Idaho. At the bridge, you'll be on Bridge Street (US 12). Travel down Bridge Street until you are about to leave town (you'll see Walla Walla Community College to your right). Turn left on 15th Street (State Highway 128); take 15th all the way to Scenic Way, which leads you to the Clarkston Heights. As you come to the top of the hill, turn right on Valley View Drive. The street veers a bit, but just stay on that street until you come to Florence Lane, where you will turn left for a few "blocks." When you see a house with a painted bronze horse in front of a house, turn right into the drive, where you'll pass the workshop on your left, As you slowly drive on, you'll see a turn off to your  left. Turn there and park. The red building you passed as you drove into the parking area is Good News Fellowship! Welcome!!