Good News Fellowship isn't a large church, and that lets every member the ability to help with our ministries,  the ones inside as well as outside the church. Here are most of them, as well as what happens in them:


Children's Ministry: 

The Children's Ministry serves a two-fold purpose: 1. to help our own children learn about who God is for them, and 2. to share who Jesus really is through fun events planned.

Prayer Ministry:

Prayer is more important in changing things than many of us seem to realize. One of our prayer ministry goals is to keep that in the forefront of our church members' minds, as well as to others in our world.

Good News Spuds:

Good News Spuds (GNS) works at (and with) the Asotin County Food Bank (It is run by volunteers to get more nourishing foods from the local (and not so local) farmers. They formed their name because they used to drive to Idaho's potato country to get truckloads of Idaho potatoes. There now are farmers from all around who donate produce and goods to the food bank.

We also minister inside the church:

Flowers & Decorating:

Every week, without fail, we are presented with a fresh bouquet or silk flower arrangements for our front. We have another team that decorates our tables each week, both seasonally and for holidays!

Welcome Committee & Family/Sharing Time:

We want to make sure visitors feel welcome (because they are)! So we have people keep an eye out. We also have a time before we pray and separate for our Sabbath School classes where we share events going on in our lives, and give prayer requests.

Social Committee & Communication:

"The family who plays together, stays together," they say. So our social committee helps plan events for us. Then the communication committee, calls everyone to assure the word gets out. They also are responsible for the bulletin, the Val-e-vents (Valley Events), the church directory, the Facebook page and our web site.

Adult Sabbath School Teachers:

We have a group of teachers who rotate so we get a little different "flavor" each week. Click here to get your electronic version of choice for the current study.


We are so grateful for our audio/visual team that can help us hear the speaker, our praise band, and see the visuals!

We are so blessed to also have the following people/committees:

Our pastor, our elders, our deaconess, our worship coordinators, and our clerk & treasurer.