Lover of My Soul

That really happened? I thought you just made that up to get another kiss goodnight!

~ my mom

Jesus loves us. I mean really loves us. As Cherie Peters constantly reminds us, "God is crazy about us." I think one reason I have a somewhat easier time believing that is the many memories I have where He showed me His deep love for me when I was little.  Let me tell you one of my memories.

I remember one night when I was 5 or 6. One night, Mom came into my sister's and my bedroom to tuck us in. I don't remember much about that evening, but when my mom left the room, she  had forgotten to give me a kiss goodnight. I was heart broken. I began sobbing...but quietly so as not to alert my mom in the front room of the house, or my sister in the other bed. Just as in my "Elephant in the Room" story in this blog, a voice startled me! It told me that if I went and told my mom what I was hearing right then, she would give me a kiss goodnight. Although I now can tell how that would obviously work, in my young brain, I couldn't. But the voice said it would happen, so I believed him. 

I went into the front room where Mom was sitting on the couch. She asked me what was wrong, so I told her about my crying, and hearing a voice tell me that if I told her what I heard, she'd give me a kiss goodnight. "Awww," she said, and gave me a kiss, and I went to bed content, and surely fell fast asleep.

As an adult, I realized that voice was Jesus, and how much He cares for even the little things in my life even though I would have survived without that goodnight kiss.

As an adult, I see my faith is not as strong as it was. I do have a somewhat strong faith, but not like then.

Maybe that's why "a little child shall lead [us]"!